10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me #LOL

Last year I finally got my lazy butt in gear and migrated my blog to an actual blogging platform. I have no idea why I didn’t start on that way. I’m no programmer and I’m pretty sure my old website is the proof of that. The downside of having migrated my website is a lot of content was lost. I’ve decided to go through the old content and post some of my favorite blog posts again. This blog post is one of my favorites.

1. I often sing out loud while running on the treadmill in the gym. I try to check if anyone else is in the room but there’s a lot of equipment to peak around and so it isn’t unusual for me to get stares as I start to belt out some song. Since I live in Istanbul, I just assume no one knows what I’m singing and therefore I don’t need to be embarrassed about my song choices. Hey! It’s about getting the blood pumping, people.

Brad Pitt running

2. Sticking with this running idea, I’ve completed a full-length marathon but I finished dead last. Like they literally waited for me to finish and then started tearing down the finish line. My mother-in-law claims I wasn’t last as there were tons of runners that dropped out of the race. I don’t really know if that counts but I’m going to agree with my mother-in-law for this one and only time.


3. I know everyone is curious about this one but I’m only going to say this: Yes, I spent the night in jail. No, it wasn’t my fault. Yes, there was fighting and bloodshed. Enough said.


4. I am terrified, okay it’s more like a phobia, of snakes. Seriously, I can’t even watch them on television. I have to cover my eyes. My husband has to keep me informed when I can and cannot look. This job did not involve copious amounts of me hitting my husband when he screwed up – really it didn’t. Ugh. I’m getting the chills just typing the word snakes. *Shudders*

untitled 2

5. I was convinced as a child that sharks were somehow going to magically appear in swimming pools and was afraid to swim alone. Okay, I still sometimes get scared when I’m a big pool all by myself. Don’t ask me how the sharks are going to suddenly appear – it’s just magic. The sad thing is I’ve never even seen Jaws.


6. I have a very slight case of OCD. I’ve managed to learn how to (mostly) deal with it as an adult even though I do drive the hubby nuts with checking for keys, passport, tickets, etc. a gazillion times before I’ll get my butt out the door. When I was at university, it was a more embarrassing story. An example? I’d get up in the middle of the night (more than once) and run to the parking lot under the dorms in my pajamas to check that I hadn’t left my car headlights on. You’d think that after the first time, I’d realize the lights were off. Apparently not.


7. Although I fancy myself the next Serena Williams, I’m actually a very clumsy tennis player. I often wake up the day after a match with bruises on my left arm (I’m right-handed) because I whacked myself in the arm instead of hitting the ball. In my world, tennis is a full contact sport.

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8. Anyone who has met me in person will know this one – I’m a potty mouth and not just a little bit. My husband jokes that when I go into a bar frequented by sailors, the sailors run outside blushing. I try to tame my naughty mouth but that just means I swear in foreign languages, which I hope no one understands. My tennis partner patiently explained to me that Turkish people do know what the word f*ck is. (It seems I like to yell that out loud when I miss a ball – how odd.)

untitled 4

9. Another one most people who have met me will know – I’m a complete nerd. Like, totally and undeniably nerdsville. Case in point – when I was in elementary school I thought the eye test was really a test and not a vision check. I memorized the entire eye chart to make sure I ‘passed’. Only when a teacher overheard me bragging about knowing the chart frontwards and backwards was it discovered that I have really bad vision (which explains the ridiculous amounts of stitches I had as a child from running into things).

untitled 5

10. I’m a bit of a control freak. Yeah, only a bit because it’s possible to be a control freak part-time (sarcasm intended). I can’t stand being in a car driven by someone else. The only reason I handle taxi rides in Istanbul so well is because they’re really carnival rides. I’m serious. Driving way over the speed limit in a car with bald tires while passing on the right from the emergency lane is not driving. Traffic signs in Istanbul are advisory only.


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  1. Magini - books says:

    Brave of you to write all these 🙂 And WOW the marathon! even last it’s a great job! I wouldn’t complete it at all. Then again with my condition I would’ve died soon after the start 😛


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