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big bully

Title: Kitty Conquers the Big Bully

Author: KayeC Jones

Genre: Children’s Books

Published: April 8, 2016

~ Synopsis ~ 

Meet Kitty, a brave and adventurous little girl who roams the neighborhood with her best friends in tow. She doesn’t think anything or anyone can scare her. Her bravely is tested when one day she finally meets her first bully. Despite being pushed around and hearing mean things about girls, she quickly learns how best to deal with bullies in her own way. How does Kitty conquer the big bully?

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~ Author bio ~

KayeC Jones is a newly published author and illustrator who creates children’s books with her husband Russ Hughes. Both of them have been drawing since kids but only until recently did they jump into the field of children’s books. They both decided that making children smiles was what they wanted to do for a living.

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