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A while back I talked about how to launch a book and presented my book launch marketing plan (see the article here). One of the essential elements of my marketing plan is guest blogging. Guest blogging is a great way to showcase your writing, highlight a new release, and find new readers. I frequently host guest blogs over on my Readsalot blog. Unfortunately, I’m often disappointed in guest blogs – especially those which are associated with blog tours. Let’s face it – they can be snooze worthy. Harsh. But true. (And yes I’m sure some of my guest posts have been beyond disappointing as well.)

Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years of writing guest blogs:

Who is the audience? Often bloggers don’t give any specific instructions with regard to a guest blog. In that case, it’s time to do some research. Study the blog for which you are writing. Who are the readers? What is the specific purpose of the blog? What does other content on the blog look like? Make sure your guest blog fits within the parameters you’ve discovered.

What is your purpose? Believe it or not, not all guest blogs have to do with marketing a new book. Sometimes a blog is orientated towards helping new writers or perhaps specifically aiding self-published authors. Even blogs aimed at writing and writers will host blog tour stops for new books. If such a blog requests a guest blog from you, make sure your post fits within the purpose of the blog for which you are writing.

Be original. I’ve encountered writers who give the same guest blog to each blog stop on a blog tour. Bad. Idea. There are readers who follow each stop on a blog tour as well as ‘followers’ who read several blogs. They won’t be very impressed if the same guest blog post shows up on several blogs in the same week. I know I’m not.

Tie in to your book. If you are writing a guest blog to promote a particular book (launch), this is a great opportunity to get readers interested in not only your writing but the subject matter of the book as well. If your book is about a certain historical period, tell readers about an event from that time period with which they may not be familiar. Be creative! My current book series, Death by Cupcake, centers around a cupcake bakery. I just wrote a guest post with baking tips from the main character. My previous books series, The Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives, featured a bunch of old ladies who thought they were God’s gift to matchmaking. I wrote several blogs of dating tips and matchmaking tips – all in good humor of course.

Do you frequently guest blog? What are your tips for writers?

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