Interview with @adamson_dj, author of Suppose #mystery

I’m excited to welcome D.J. Adamson, author of the mystery Suppose, to the Readsalot blog today. She was gracious enough to answer some questions about her writing for me.

What inspired you to write mysteries and thrillers?

My answer is probably the same as many authors in this genre. I started when young with Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Bobbsey Twins. Mom wouldn’t buy me candy, but she would buy me a book. When I started devouring too many, she took me to the library. The librarian then aimed me to other work, like Edgar Allen Poe. I was reading Poe by the age of about 9 or 10.

Who would you pick to play the characters of Lillian Dove in a Hollywood adaptation of Suppose?

This is a hard question for me because my characters take a define image in my mind and matching them is almost impossible. I would make a bad Casting Agent. But let’s talk character and personality. I could see Katie Holmes playing Lillian. Mark Wallberg as Leveque. David Duchouny or Dennis Quaid as Chief Kaefring. And Kathy Bates as Dahlia.

Suppose features local police departments as well as federal government and international drug shipments. How much time did you spend researching Suppose?

I am lucky in that I have some family connected to Iowa police. My Iowa editor catches me on mistakes I made in that area. I spent some time researching the FBI angle.

Describe Suppose in 140 Characters.

Suppose, a runaway train veering blackmail, murder, only to take a sharp turn into a criminal mastermind’s trap.

Describe Lillian in 3 words.

Vulnerable. Adamant. Survivor

Would your characters in Suppose want to hang with you? Or perhaps the better question is, would you want to hang with them?

I think I will answer the first question first. I do live with my characters. Lillian wakes me up in the morning and encourages me to get on with it. I hear Dahlia all the time. I never lack dialog for these two. My family roots grow deep in the Midwest as do these personalities. Charles Kaefring is a steadfast man, admirable, honest, trustworthy. I’ve had the pleasure of having many men in my life like him. And I have always been attracted to the playful types like Jacque Leveque. I think Jacque would enjoy my sarcastic humor and would want to hang with me because he is drawn to Lillian’s tongue-in-cheek banter.

What is the most amusing thing that happened to you while writing Suppose?

I went into a cowboy bar to get the “feel” for the place and got carded. At my age, that’s down right hilarious.

What is my favorite part about my writing process?

Texturally: I love my fingertips on my keyboard. It’s the same sensation I get when I play the piano. I am making music with words. Emotionally: the bond I make with my characters is dreamlike yet tangible. My mind’s eye produces a very vivid depiction, almost like watching a movie. Practically: discipline. I have written most every day my entire life. My computer is the first thing I go to in the morning and generally the last I leave at night.

Tell us about your next release. And when can we expect it?

Two books are scheduled for release in 2017. Aberration, the second book of my science fiction-suspense series, Deviation, and at the end of that year, the third book in the Lillian Dove Mystery series.


About the Book


Author: D.J. Adamson

Publisher: Horatio Press

Pages: 334

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

“What did he want to know about me?”

“If you were still alive.”

Connivers, murder, and the international shipment of drugs unites the local PDs and the Federal Government, and drags Lillian into a hailstorm of manipulation and danger, whereby she is given two choices: Join? Or die trying?

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Book Excerpt

Real things started happening. No more ducking my head. No more playing the blame-game. That’s the problem being sober and taking life on without a drink in my hand. Don’t get me wrong. My drinking is not an excuse for who I’m not. But my NOT drinking is the only way I’ll find out who I was before taking that first drink.

It was time for me to start doing sober what I always said I’d do drunk.

All eyes were on me; mine are wide open.

About the Author

D.J. Adamson

Award Winner at the Midwest Book Festival and Nominated for a Clue Award in Suspense, DJ Adamson is the author of the Lillian Dove Mystery series and the mystery/science fiction trilogy Deviation. Author, instructor, she is also Vice President for the Central Coast Sisters in Crime and Membership Director for Sisters in Crime, Los Angeles. She is an active member of Mystery Writers of America.

Her latest book is the mystery/suspense, SUPPOSE.

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