A few of my favorite things for dark winter days #MondayBlogs #Motivation

I’m not much for raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens for that matter, but I have a few favorite things to keep me sane. I’m not worried about dogs biting or bees stinging, but I can always use a reminder of my favorite things when I’m feeling sad. Especially about now. Short days in which the sun often doesn’t make an appearance and long, dark nights when there’s no glühwein in sight. Oh yeah, I could definitely use some favorite things right now.

Rain on my window. I love listening to the sound of rain falling against my window – especially the skylights – as I lay in bed. I usually strongly dislike rain, especially when the dog thinks a wet day is the perfect time for a long hike. But when I’m snuggled up in bed and know there’s zero chance of me coming home drenching wet from it? In that case, I just lay there and enjoy the sound of Mother Nature.

forestThe smell of the forest. Despite living smack dab in the middle of a city, I’m only a block away from a forest. Even though I can often hear cars whizzing by as I walk my dog, it’s like a hidden paradise opens up once you cross that busy road and get on a trail. Heck, even the dog is allowed to run free. (Leash laws are not a joke in a country where you can get 90 Euro fine for letting your dog roam free.)


Greeting from my dog. My dog is a mix between a beagle and some other breed that has really long legs. When it comes to greeting me after I’ve been gone from home, whether it’s been five minutes or five hours, the beagle part of his heritage comes shining through. He bellows and howls in excitement unsure whether he should run down the stairs and jump on me or rush me up the stairs to the treat closet. His enthusiasm never fails to bring a smile to my grumpy face.

er_dictionary_booksniffingThe smell of a new book. This is one of the reasons I fought buying a kindle for so long. The smell and feel of a new (even if it’s just new to me) book is beyond fabulous. It even beats the smell of markers, which I will admit I still sniff. And now that I do most of my reading on the kindle, the new book smell is even more precious. Expert tip: I’ve yet to find a book store that won’t allow me to indulge in my ever-so-slight sniffing obsession.



coffeeThe smell of freshly brewed coffee. Even when I didn’t like to drink coffee, I loved the smell of it brewing. Of course, now that my life depends on the liquid, the smell is god-like. And that first cup in the morning? Not much beats that.




How about you? What are a few of your simple pleasures?


6 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things for dark winter days #MondayBlogs #Motivation

  1. Felicia Denise says:

    Freshly brewed coffee…and none of that mocha-latte-whipped-cream-topped frou-frou stuff! Real coffee, strong and black, with maybe a hint of sweetness…depending on my mood. 😉

    Lemons! Need them daily, almost as much as coffee!

    The look and feel of a new journal/tablet/writing pad/binder. (Slightly paper obsessed.)

    Text messages from my adult children. Even though they’re out, about, and on their own, random messages from my tribe make me smile, and feel grounded.

    Music. Funk, disco, pop, country, classical – I always have music playing, even while I read. Can’t seem to concentrate without it.

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  2. Barbara Radisalvjeivc says:

    Three of those favorite things are mine, as well. I don’t have a dog, and I’m a tea drinker, so my favorite thing is reading a new book in my favorite chair on a rainy night with a hot cup of tea beside me. Only chocolate or praline pecans could improve that picture.

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  3. Cindy Harris says:

    I don’t put mittens on my kittens and I am a tea drinker. At this time of year one of my favorite things is eggnog, however, I have to watch how much I drink because of the extra calories it packs. And, oh, how I love sitting in front of the fireplace with a blanket and a good book.

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