The truth about blogging no one tells you #MondayBlogs #Blogging #AmWriting

Have a blog, they said. It will be fun, they said. Liars. Liars. Multiple pants on fire. Turns out that everyone really does have an opinion about everything. Many of those opinions will be misleading. Misleading is a politically correct word for lie. Yes, lie.

20 march

Lie Number 1. If you write it, they will read it. I don’t care how funny, how moving, how well-written your blog post is, if you don’t have some kind of following whether it be social media, blog followers or devoted book readers, no one is going to read it, because they won’t be able to find it.

Lie Number 2. Blogging is easy. What exactly is supposed to be easy about blogging? Because none of it’s easy. From the setting up of the blog itself to writing blog posts to finding followers, easy is not the word to describe the work involved.

Lie Number 3. It will make you a better writer. Okay, I’m not saying that blogging will make you a worse writer, but what’s the goal here? Blog writing and novel writing are two completely different things. It has, in fact, taken me nearly a year to figure out how to write blogs. Don’t believe me? Check out this blog where I explain the torture that is finding your blogging voice.

Lie Number 4. It helps you build an audience. Um, no. The blog itself doesn’t help build the audience. All the work around the blog – networking, finding similar blogs, building that author platform – that helps you build an audience.

Lie Number 5. It makes you stand out. This one makes me wonder what the person was smoking. Because everyone has a blog nowadays. How does adding your blog to the sea of blogs out there make you stand out? Please, someone, explain this to me because I’m obviously doing everything wrong.

Lie Number 6. You’ll make some money. Seriously? Well, I guess ‘they’ never defined how much money. Sure, you can make some cash with your blog, but to make serious money, you need to put in serious time. You’ll also need to balance the appearance of ads with how it effects the look and feel of your blog. I’ve personally chosen not to have any ads on my blog (except for those WordPress ones I can’t avoid), because I think a lot of blogs get carried away with advertisements.

Lie Number 7. You’ll become more comfortable with being known. Oh wait, that’s actually true. Scratch that.

Lie Number 87. It makes you happy. I’m not even touching that lie with a ten-foot pole. No. Just no.

Yeah, so this is just a funny post that I dictated while walking the dog the other morning. And man, do you get funny looks if you dictate to your phone in a foreign language while in the park. Anyway, this post is also meant as a cautionary tale. Blogging is harder than it looks. Know the ‘facts’ before you get started or you’ll end up like those other so-called bloggers who haven’t updated their blog in years.


25 thoughts on “The truth about blogging no one tells you #MondayBlogs #Blogging #AmWriting

  1. ausone2910 says:

    Especially #1 and #6. Apart from the “usual suspects” (that I LOVE) no living soul is reading my blog. And money? Only if you’re self-hosted. Which is an investment at first and then? Too many adds…. your readers leave.

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  2. April Munday says:

    I think one of the most useful comments I heard before I started a blog was that you should only do it if you’re prepared to work at it over years. It is fun, though, and you do get to meet such lovely people.

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  3. carol hedges (@carolJhedges) says:

    I agree with April. My fidt two blogs were read by 3 people…2 of them family members who were coerced. It takes several years to build up a following…unless you are blogging about specific things like childcare/fashion etc. But it is fun!

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  4. Stevie Turner says:

    I read somewhere that to get yourself known as a writer you have to blog constantly for at least 5 years (but don’t spam your books), and also spend about 2 hours every day commenting on other blogs. I think we all need more hours in the day…

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    • D.E. Haggerty says:

      OH my goodness… yes, we need more hours in the day. I must say that since I’ve started to set aside time every week to follow and comment on other blogs, I’ve slowly started gaining a following. I also needed to get over the hump of commenting on blogs from people I didn’t know. I felt like an intruder. No one wants to hear what I have to say, I thought. I’m over that. Mostly.

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  5. John Fioravanti says:

    I loved this post, Dena! I agree 300%!! However, sometimes it is fun when we get to visit a post such as this one, or the one John Howell published this morning. Kudos!

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  6. Felicia Denise says:

    I hate ads! Don’t care who you are or what you’re selling! (Books do not count! LMAO!) Also hate “I’m a member of…”, “Awarded for…” and anything else that clutters the page! I’ve stopped following some blogs because load-time is ridiculous, especially when it’s NOT their blog post itself I’m waiting to load, but all the other madness on the page! Nope, don’t need it!

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  7. Jean M. Cogdell says:

    This may sound nuts but I started my blog to teach myself more about writing and the writing world. My blog is a diary of sorts, that helps me keep track of good bits of information. Plus I want to return the favor and give back by sharing what I’ve found. Great post.

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  8. curioushart says:

    I started a blog because my publisher wanted me to have an online presence. I like having a blog. It helps me with my writing exercises. I like reading other people’s blogs; they are interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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