I’m going on vacation #AmWriting #Editing

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This is NOT where I am


Don’t be jealous. I’m not actually going anywhere. I’m just taking a break from blogging. Don’t panic. It’s only for a week. If you’ve read any of my blog posts, tweets, or Facebook posts, you may have caught on to the fact that I’m having a hard time juggling life with writing at the moment. Okay, you would have heard me whine. There. I said it.

I’ve always worked or ran a business until we moved to Istanbul and I started the writing gig full-time. When I moved back to the Netherlands, I didn’t think I’d have any adjustment problems. After all, I worked my legal gig from home for two years before I managed to set-up my B&B. Writing at home is a different kettle of fish. I’m all alone in my – admittedly awesome – office writing away and don’t have contact with real, live human beings unless I make an effort. Trust me, the worker bees at the grocery store don’t count especially as they’ve all started avoid me. Long story.

So now I’m trying to juggle a growing social life with writing. It hasn’t gone well and, therefore, my current project, Fat girl Begone!, is taking way longer than I expected. I decided to take drastic measures yesterday and emailed my editor to see if she had time in the near future to take on my book for editing. Not only does she have time, a writer flaked on her so she has time now. Like. Right. Now. *Gulp* I told her I needed a week and she agreed.

There’s only this teensy problem. I haven’t actually finished the first draft. Oops. Thus, my decision to cancel the weekend and take a blogging vacation. I’ve loaded up on coffee and milk and I’m off.

See you guys next week. Wish me luck!

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