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Series: A St. Polycarp School Mystery, 3rd in the Series

Prior books in the series: Murder at St. Polycarp, Cappuccino and the Crypt

Author: Marianna Heusler

Genre: Mystery

Published: 2015, Paperback March, 2017


Father Felix, principal of St. Polycarp School, has been called to serve in the Vatican. Although a great honor for Father Felix, it has less than happy consequences for his loyal teachers. The new principal, Mrs. Logan, is a severe, no nonsense administrator, who has a strict code of conduct for the staff. Sensible shoes, conservative clothing, hair in a ponytail (to avoid head lice) and no chocolate. She and her fellow teacher, Mrs. Johnson, are full of dread. For Mrs. Hopwood, a flashy dresser, stiletto heel fan and a chocolate lover, this news is devastating. Making matters worse, Mrs. Hopwood is assigned to a new grade level. The two friends and amateur detectives, or busy bodies in Father Felix’s opinion, have already solved two murders. So when a cafeteria lady dies mysteriously during Parents’ Night, Mrs. Hopwood and Mrs. Johnson have a duel mission, to find a sadistic murderer without getting fired – or killed.

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Re: New Information


Found out a few things through the grapevine –

Mrs. Logan decided to raise the tuition. She wants St. Polycarp to be the most expensive Catholic School in town. That’s all fine and dandy, but what about the families who can’t afford it?

She is going to be calling us on the phone to arrange for a one to one meeting before school starts in September. If I were you, I wouldn’t wear your neon green dress with your hot pink spike heels. You know the outfit I mean? The one you wore to Edith Edleman’s funeral. And all that Jennifer Lopez jewelry you’ve been collecting from Kohls? Not for the interview.

And just so you know –

She is banning all chocolate, so you can forget bribing your students with Hershey kisses. I know that they don’t have nuts in them, but she is going to argue that even chocolate that has no nuts is made on the premises with machines that come in contact with nuts.. Actually all candy and sweets are frowned upon and we’re not supposed to feed the students at all.

There is going to be a hair code. So you can wear your hair curly, but make sure it’s in a ponytail. Head lice.

We have to be very careful of facebooking or twittering, or pinning, because I understand she will check all that.

Now on the interview, we both have to emphasize that we love children and want what’s best for them.

We shouldn’t talk too much about our personal lives. Maybe you shouldn’t talk much at all. You are liable to say the wrong thing. Evidently, she has a strong moral code, doesn’t approve of living together or having affairs. Luckily, for us we are clear on that front (darn it).

So just dress in black, nod your head a lot, smile, (but not too much, she might think you’re an idiot) and repeat over and over that you were born to be a teacher.

I will let you know when I have with more details.

From: JuliaHYPERLINK “”

She’s trying to get rid of us.

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Marianna Heusler is an Edgar nominated author of nine novels and hundreds of short stories. A former elementary school teacher, she makes her home on the upper eastside of Manhattan, with her husband, Joel, her son, Maximilian and her dog, Dolce.

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