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I try to blog three times a week, but sometimes I can’t come up with a blog idea for the life of me. And then there’s those blog tours that want guest blog posts. Of course, I’m a glutton for punishment and also offer to write blog posts for other blogs to promote my books. Help! Calgon take me away!

calgon take me away

I don’t have a bathtub so Calgon is never going to take me away. Instead, I’ve developed a list of ideas to use for blog posts about my book. And because I’m super supportive of my fellow writers (but mostly because I couldn’t come up with an idea for today’s blog post), I’m going to share my list with you. Here goes:

Character Interview. Tried and tested. Never fails.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About (Protagonist). I find this one more fun than doing a character interview.

10 Items of (Protagonist’s) Bucket List. You can have all kinds of fun with this one.

Cast of Characters in a Hollywood adaptation. Add some pictures and voila, you’ve got a blog post.

Something specific to the book itself. My current novel, Fat Girl Begone!, is about dieting and body image. There’s a lot I can write about that!

How did the cover come about? Assuming you helped design the cover, of course.

How was writing this book different from your other books? This is a good one if you write in multiple genres.

Favorite thing about writing this genre. What’s fun about writing murder mysteries? Or romantic comedies? Or whatever?

Channeling a gay man, an abused woman, an alcoholic. What characteristic is specific to your protagonist or antagonist? If that characteristic is far removed from your own personality (for example, me – a straight woman – writing a novel in which the protagonist is a gay man), how did you channel that person?

Particular inspiration behind this story. This works well if your novel has a moral to it.

Deleted scene. I actually never delete scenes entirely. Or – if I do – it’s so early in the writing process that I just delete and move on. I have, however, written ‘deleted’ scenes for blog posts. I usually have a list of chapter ideas I use as a rough outline when I’m writing. Sometimes I don’t get to all of the ideas before the story finishes. I then use the leftovers as deleted scenes.

Do you have other standard guest post ideas you use when promoting your novel? I’d love to hear about them!



8 thoughts on “Ideas for Guest Blog Posts about your novel #MondayBlogs #AmWriting #Marketing

  1. April Munday says:

    Excellent ideas, although my mind was boggling at the thought of bathing in Calgon. It’s what we put in the washing machine to stop it furring up with limescale.

    I’d want to write something about the setting, sometimes the place, but always the history.

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    • D.E. Haggerty says:

      Those topics work well with your writing as you do historical fiction. I did one historical fiction and found guest blogging ideas were easy to find! Romantic comedies are more difficult.

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      • April Munday says:

        Yes, I’m not sure what I would do if I wrote contemporary romance. Perhaps a collection of the heroine’s favourite recipes, or something about the hero’s favourite motorbike.


  2. kimwrtr says:

    Right on time. I’m planning a blog tour in a couple of months and wondered about what i would write about. I’ve prepared a character interview but that’s all I had. I’m thinking of an author interview too. Thanks for the tips.

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