Check out my fave Instagram pics for a chance to win! #Giveaway #AwesomeAmazonAuthors

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Are you ready for a fun giveaway? Well, duh. Of course, you are! Together with my writer peeps, aka #AwesomeAmazonAuthors, we’re taking Instagram by storm. Just follow us on Instagram for your chance to win. Talk about super-duper easy. In the meantime, we’re blogging our favorite Instagram pictures.

Confession time: I still have no idea what I’m doing on Instagram. When I joined, I only had slightly more knowledge of the app than Vince Vaughn in “The Internship”.

It was my brilliant idea to share some favorite Instagram pictures. *Cringes* Like many of my ‘brilliant’ ideas, I didn’t think this through, because I frankly have no idea what pictures to highlight. Not having a clue what I’m doing has never stopped me before so here we go …

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I’m including this picture because, although I may call myself a writer, I’m first and foremost a reader. By the way, the mug (Shut Up I’m reading) is no joke. I get seriously irritated when I’m disturbed when reading. You’ve been warned.

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Here my books are on display at a gala hosted here in The Hague by the American Women’s Club of The Hague. I’m always giving my books away to use as raffle items or door prizes for some charity. I grew up with this idea that I was going to ‘save the world’ – whatever that means. I went in the Army and studied law because I thought I could help people as a soldier or as a lawyer. That didn’t turn out like I expected. I struggle with the knowledge that I’m not making the world a better place with my profession. I appease this by donating to charity, whether it be my books, my time, or monetary donations.

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Ooooh – this is an exciting moment. The arrival of the paperback copies of my latest release, Fat Girl Begone! Although I don’t sell many paperback copies of my books (I’m sure that 99% of the sales are to family and friends), there’s nothing like the feeling of your own book in your hands. It makes all the struggle worth it!

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This is a fun picture of the moment I hit 40,000 words in my current manuscript. I always mark the moment I hit 40,000 words as that’s considered ‘novel-length’. I happened to be sitting on a plane on my way to visit the hubby in Istanbul when I hit the magic mark. That didn’t stop me from ordering a beer and celebrating!

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This is what my life looks like at the moment. Lots of study books and note taking! My current project is an historical romance, which means that the history geek in me is having a ball researching all there is to know about Istanbul during the Second World War. The writer in me is annoyed the first draft is still not finished.

Those are my five Instagram pictures! Follow me and my fellow #AwesomeAmazonAuthors for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Just think of the books you can buy with that!

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