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Book title: Jason Cage

Series: Jason Cage, 1st in the series

Author: Akay Brothers

Genre: Mystery Thriller

Published: Aug 2017

~ Blurb ~

“GUNSLIGER MEETS DREAMCATCHER” in this thriller with a spine tingling twist, for adults who enjoyed Dean Koontz and Vince Flynn. 

“Intoxicatingly Fastpaced”

“Action and mystery and the Paranormal!! Wow!”  

A 3500 year old demon. A damaged hero. A nightmare threatening to kill his love. To save the girl he loved, Jason had to go beyond the realms of his fears.

Jason Cage is a man you don’t want to meet ever. You will not look at him twice, if you see him on the streets. But you do not want to be in his dreams. Because if you are then you are either dead or about to suffer a horrible end that nobody will ever know. Blacked out from TV, radio, and Newspapers. Only be uttered in hushed voices.

Jason is hiding away from the rest of the world, in a monastery where his dreams can hurt no one. Because his nightmares are not just his imagination, but actual events. 
But when his worst nightmare knocked on his door, he could no longer stay in the shadows. Lisa – the girl he once loved and still loves, is about to be murdered on the 6th day. With no money, no contacts and no idea where the murder is about to happen, he turns back to his dreams to seek help.

Little did he know that to save Lisa, he has to battle against a 3500-Year-old prophecy that will pit him against the devil itself.

Unknown to Jason, he is not the only one chasing his nightmares. Dr. Drishti Bhargava, from Indian secret service (RAW), has tasked his best agent Axel to find Jason and bring him in at any cost. Reason – Jason holds the key to stop the storm that is frantically coming together to destroy various countries and possibly the whole mankind. A journey that traverses through three continents.

A journey that connects Jason’s past with mankind’s present and threatens its future. A journey that will only stop with the annihilation of the humanity.

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~ Excerpt ~


Renato Casals wasn’t feeling good. Something sinister and hungry nestled in his gut. His body trembled as if drained out of every ounce of fluid. For twenty years he ran Santa Coloma town’s post office without a glitch, until today.

“Mr. Renato, are you fine?” Lucy, his assistant, asked.

“Just need some air.” Renato fumbled on his way out.

He shouldn’t have opened that unnamed parcel, but then he couldn’t help himself too.

“Oh God, how these ants got all over my body.” He ranted aloud on the streets.

The strange thing was that Renato didn’t remember anything about what was in that parcel. The only thing that mattered now was his hunger. Food. Only food could have satiated the burning heat inside him.

“Hey Eloi, give me six big ones of those.” He shouted at the Hamburger stand. People looked at him alarmed though only for a brief moment before returning to what they were doing, having their lunch.

“What happened, Mr. Casals, skipped lunch today?” Eloi was happy to see his regular customer though surprised at the yelling.

Renato gulped six hamburgers with all the bacon and cheese, no chewing actualized at all, still, he knew it wouldn’t be enough. The burgers were just not adequate to fill the gaping beak of the giant fledgling in his stomach.

He lumbered through the late afternoon street leaving the wrappers behind like carcasses. People looked at him with disgust, except everything was second-rate before his primal urge for food.

Conesa Entrepans – One of the best restaurants in the Santa Coloma for calming those late afternoon hunger streaks. That day too it wasn’t different – choked up to the brim. The waiters were overwhelmed with orders, and it was unlikely that anyone would have noticed the pale face of Renato Casal.

Oblivious to whatever small amount of attention he was getting Renato worked his way down to the menu. But it was way too cumbersome to pick and choose when all he wanted was anything and everything that could be gulped.

“Get me everything that is in the Kitchen. FAST.” His bark at the end of his order raised some eyebrows, but evidently, it didn’t matter to him. Once he started eating eyes begun to turn, and murmurings turned toward him.

“Look at that man. That is so gross.”

“People should have more respect towards their bodies.”

“How can someone eat like that? That’s insane.”

“Look at that table honey, no way a man could eat that much.”

But he could, and he did.

“Is everything satisfactory, sir?”

“I want more. Get me whatever you have. NOW.”

The more he ate, the more his body demanded. The fledgling tore his inner boundaries. He ate with every body part that could put food in his mouth but still, all wasn’t enough.

“Sir, your next order will take 15 to 20 minutes.” The announcement from the waiter proved to be the last straw that held his self-control. A terrible fear gripped Renato. He looked at the waiter and then to the other tables. All eyes were on him.

“Get away from my table.” The lady shrieked, but Renato wasn’t listening. He gulped the steak in one shot.

“Somebody call the cops.”

But Renato had to eat. He must eat. He had to kill it, his hunger somehow. Tablecloth. Yes, that could work. He put a piece of the chequered table cloth in his mouth but he wanted more and more. His face changed to a gaunt exterior, like a person who was starving for days or maybe months. But he had to keep eating to alleviate the pain, the pain of death.

Eat. Eat. Eat.

He had to eat.

Human flesh – if his body wants it then fine. He wanted to live.

“Oh God, Joel, save me.” The lady on the next table shrieked with pain.

“GRAB THE ANIMAL.” Joel pounced on him as Renato tried to put his teeth on his wife’s hand.

“Jeez, look at his face.” the waiter shouted.

Renato was on the floor, motionless, his face turned a gaunt skull. His hands weak. An old starving soul. DEAD.

“Weird, if I didn’t know that this guy ate half the food of this restaurant, I would have said that he died starving.” The waiter was baffled like everyone else.

“Christ, I hope this isn’t infectious.” The restaurant manager said in hushed tones.

But the restaurant manager didn’t have to wait much longer for the answer.

One thousand two hundred sixty-seven more people in Santa Coloma got similar parcels that day, and for some strange reasons, they were all going to open it. And that included the Conesa Entrepans’ manager also.

The total population of Santa Coloma before that day almost touched a figure of two thousand five hundred souls.

And the one person who saw it coming was not in the town of Santa Coloma. He was sleeping 8000 kilometers away in a monastery in Ladakh, watching it all as it happened.

~ About the Authors ~

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Akay Brothers are the authors of The Jason Cage Series. They enjoy writing mysteries and thrillers genre. Their approach to writing is to hit deep, keep you entertained, and leave you wanting MORE with every turn of the page. Their simple philosophy is to create universes and worlds and put characters in those worlds and allow them to over-achieve and over-deliver in trying conditions. The bottom line it to get your heart pumping and veins throbbing with excitement and suspense.

Books: Jason Cage (Jason Cage Series Chapter 1)

The Undead (Stand Alone Story)


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