New Year, Not New Me ~ New Year’s Resolutions I hope I can manage to keep #NewYearsResolutions #2018

I was all set to write a wrap-up of 2017, but as a drafted the blog in my head while walking my dog, I realized the entire blog I was preparing was basically a big whiny whine. There was so much whining I had to use the word twice. So, I’m calling 2017 a scratch and moving on.

I’d like to say I’m going to kick 2018 in the a$$, but I already know that the first few months of the year are full of commitments I’m not excited about but feel obligated to perform anyway. (I’m being vague in a huge effort to not whine about those commitments. Is it working?) This year’s new year resolutions are, therefore, less vaulty goals like losing that 15 kilos I really NEED to lose and more about handling the busy, chaotic life I currently find myself embroiled in.

So, without further whining ado, here are my goals for 2018:

Overflowing-BookcasesSpend one hour per day on my TBR. Instead of making lofty goals like ‘I’ll keep up with my TBR’, which everyone knows won’t happen, I’m committing to something I can manage – 60 minutes per day working on my TBR. I’m going to set a timer and everything. By TBR, I mean those books I’ve committed to not only read but also review. I usually read an hour or two per day for relaxation, but reading books I’ve committed to review feels more like work than like relaxation – resulting in me skipping right over the ‘review’ category on my kindle and straight to guilty reads.

new year resolutions 2018.2Run the CPC Loop Den Haag. For once I’m not committing to working out more or healthy eating. Nope. I’ve just registered for a 10-km run here in town. In addition to playing tennis twice a week, I’ll run twice a week because otherwise I’ll make a darn fool out of myself at this run. I’m hoping my pride will be enough to get me out the door to run when I’m crazy busy.

Learn how to manage my time better. I can’t make any resolutions about doing less because I’m already committed up to my eyeballs. Instead, I need to learn some time management tools to ensure I not only honor my commitments but do so without stress eating and dropping exercise everytime I’m stressed out, which means I would never run at all and be as big as a house before summer hits. I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish this, but hope springs eternal and all that.

new year resolutions 2018.3

15 thoughts on “New Year, Not New Me ~ New Year’s Resolutions I hope I can manage to keep #NewYearsResolutions #2018

  1. N. N. Light says:

    I hear you on the commitments and the urge to whine all the time. I think your resolutions are fab and good luck with them! 2018 doesn’t know how badly its bum is getting kicked. lol!

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  2. Jasmine, singprettyreadbooks blog says:

    Love the idea of committing time to books you definitely plan on reviewing. Wishing you the best of luck in all your 2018 endeavors! 🙂

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  3. jenanita01 says:

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was in a funny mood as the old year ended. (and no, I wasn’t laughing!)
    I ended up writing a bit of a rant about my problems as the first post of 2018, but when I read it, I realised it was too negative and put it to one side. When and if more positive outcomes arrive, I could amend it and make it better… although I am not holding my breath…

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