Revenge will be sweet or? Read an #excerpt of Fish Farm #thriller #suspense

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Book title: Fish Farm

Author: Walt Sautter

Genre: Thriller, Suspense

Published: December 2017

~ Blurb ~

Meet Jack, a God fearing family man with malice towards none but little does he know of that which awaits him. Within days of our meeting, Jack’s life will be shattered and he will be forced into new, perilous surroundings. He is sure he knows the cause of his downfall and vengeful thoughts haunt him incessantly.

He is soon drawn into a struggle with local thugs which forces him into a dangerous confrontation. Jack becomes ever hardened by the conflict and together with the help new found friends, he takes grisly retaliation.

Emboldened by his newly acquired mettle he decides to avenge those who he believes led to his initial undoing. Revenge will be sweet or so he thinks?

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~ Excerpt ~

After riding for several more minutes, a sign appears in the distance. The sign reads – ‘Sorry – No fish are bitin’ today – Closed for Repairs’. They turn and drive down the long, dirt lane adjacent to the sign. A dust cloud pours from the rear of the car as they drive. It is Sticksville for sure. Larry appears as a burly, unshaven man with a long scraggy, white pony tail and several missing teeth. He’s got faded tats on both arms – “Nam 68” and “Khe Sanh” and a huge keloid scar on his left cheek. He is sitting in a rocker on his dilapidated porch wearing faded blue jeans and an unbuttoned raggedy, red and black flannel shirt with cut off sleeves. His large, shaggy, red mongrel dog Rusty is lying next to him. He is slowly rocking back and forth as the car approaches. He continues to rock even as Jack and Petey get out of the car. “You got it here alright I see.” “Hope it’s gonna work okay after that ride down your road there” replied Petey. “Oh, it’s gonna work just fine I’m sure” Larry answers confidently with a broad grin. Petey goes to the trunk and starts to untie the box. “No, leave ’em on” Jack calls. “Well, how are we gonna get it out of the trunk and into the house if we don’t untie it?” “You didn’t tell ’em Jack?” “No, I didn’t.” “Guess ya wanta make is a surprise, huh?” Larry says with a laugh. Jack is silence for a moment and then turns to Petey who is standing perplexed and still holding the cord which is securing the box. “Listen, Petey, there’s no TV in there. Come over here and sit down for a minute.”

~ About the author ~

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Walter Sautter has been writing crime thrillers and comedies for the past three decades. His diverse work is inspired by true life events and socials issues.

Walt lives in a small New Jersey town with his wife of over 40 years. He enjoys golfing, writing and is passionate about educational reform.

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