Here comes the sun ~ The Dutch language and its obsession with weather #ExpatLife #ThisisHolland

A while ago, I read an article about all the different words the Dutch have for bad weather. Hint: There are tons. The Dutch love compound words, so they basically just add a descriptive word to weather and voilà – another descriptive word for crappy weather is born. For example, just add typhoid to weather and you have tyfusweer. In this way, there are no limits to the number of words for sucky weather!

How to survive the Dutch weather

But that makes it sound like the Dutch are a negative folk who spend their time complaining about the weather. Although the Dutch like to complain about the weather because although they may be freakishly tall, they are still just humans and humans love nothing better than to complain about the weather. BUT the Dutch also love to praise the weather if the occasion calls for it.

weer 1

This is NOT what the weather looked like last week when it was supposedly ‘tennisweer’

When a beam of sun breaks through, no matter how small, the Dutch rush outside and declare the weather lovely. It can be cold and windy. It doesn’t matter as long as there is a bit of sun. The terraces all have heaters (not very environmentally friendly, I know), blankets and wind barriers. Just last week I skipped my tennis lesson because it was windy and like 10 degrees Celsius out. Not exactly tennis weather in my opinion. I said something to that effect to my tennis team. They are still laughing at me because I didn’t realize how absolutely lovely it was outside. Um, what? Seriously?




So, how many words do the Dutch have for nice weather? I have no idea but here are a few to give you an idea.

Rokjesweer = skirt weather

Korterokjesweer = short skirt weather

Terrasjesweer = terrace weather

Kastelenweer = castle weather

Strandweer = beach weather

You get my drift. Think of something you can do in nice weather, add the word weather to it, and bada bing bada boom – a new word for nice weather in Dutch!

FYI: Today is definitely terrasjesweer.

weer 2

Actual picture taken in my neighboorhood.

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