Corniest Christmas Memory #12DaysofChristmas #Christmas #Humor

Christmas 21

Only three days until Christmas! I thought I’d share something a bit different about Christmas on today’s 12 Days of Christmas post. Instead of sharing a favorite whatever, I thought I’d share a moment. I’m not sure if corny is the proper word for this memory, but I’m going with it. (It’s Christmas, so be forgiving.)

christmas 22A bit of background before I begin. I can’t ever remember believing in Santa Claus. No, seriously, I’m not trying to brag or be weird or anything, I’m just telling the truth. I’m sure when I was a baby I believed in Santa, although at that stage I was merely a pooping machine so who knows? In my earliest memories, I don’t remember ever believing in this Santa guy. I do remember some of the cool gifts the guy supposedly brought, but that’s another story.

christmas 23

Not actual footage

I’m the youngest of four girls (and don’t you dare say ‘my poor dad’ because he’s the luckiest father in the world because us girls (most of us at least) are awesome!). I don’t know if this is a characteristic of being the youngest or not, but I was a curious child. Curious may be a bit mild for my obsession to know everything and be involved with everyone. Like all parents, my parents wrapped and hid “Santa’s” gifts throughout the year. Well, what’s a curious girl to do? You know there are presents hidden in the house somewhere. Can you stand the suspense? Well, I couldn’t. I’d find presents wherever they were and unwrap them. (I re-wrapped them and even had tape for this purpose when I went snooping.) It didn’t take me long to figure out ‘Santa’ was Mom and Dad. The handwriting alone would have given it away.

christmas 24

Remember these old things? 

But that’s not my corniest Christmas memory. (I can’t be the only person who unwrapped gifts.) Nope. One year my dad asked me to write my own name on a Christmas gift tag. I didn’t think much of it until Christmas day when we were opening our presents. I was handed a gift from ‘Santa’ except the gift tag was the one I had written. This was my parents’ way of telling me Santa didn’t exist. I didn’t have the heart to tell them I’d known he was a myth for years. I swear I could be an actress because I also managed not to laugh at the corniness of the entire situation (although I don’t think I knew the word corny back then).

That’s it. My corniest Christmas memory. Got any corny memories you’re willing to share?