The New Year’s Resolutions of a Writer #WriterWednesday #WritersLife #NewYearsResolution #AmWriting

new year resolutions 2019.2Uh oh. It’s that time again. Not only has that time of year arrived in which we constantly forget what year it is, but it’s time to make some resolutions. Now, I know some of you are haters. But personally, I find New Year’s Resolutions an opportunity to think about what I want to achieve in the new year. As a self-published author, I’m more than just a writer. I’m an authorpreneur, which means I run a business. The business of writer D.E. Haggerty. All business owners should evaluate what they want to achieve in the upcoming year.

This is what I hope to achieve in 2019:

Publish Four Books. I realize this is crazy. In 2018, I only managed to get two books published. The years I lived in Turkey, I managed three books a year. Four books is pushing it. I realize that. I also realize that without concrete goals I’m never going to publish four books a year. I made a very rough schedule as to when I’ll be writing what (although I’m already thinking of changing it), and I’ll do my best to stick to it. Fingers crossed.

new year resolutions 2019.3

I can hope, right?!?!

Quintuple my earnings. And you thought my first goal was crazy! Apparently, I can get crazier. I more than doubled my annual earnings in 2018. (Unfortunately, that’s still not very much money.) Trying to earn five times what I earned in 2018 in 2019 sounds like a pie in the sky goal. Well, I’m good at pie in the sky goals (or at least I’m good at making them). I’m slowly working my way through a marketing course. It’s already helped with the last months of 2018. Full steam ahead in 2019!

New year resolutions 2019Give up Readsalot blog. This one hurts. I have a second blog, Readsalot, where I review and promote other self-published authors’ work. At least that’s the idea. In the past months, I’ve barely managed to review a handful of books on the blog. I still plan to read 100 books in 2019, but I’m not signing up for any blog tours or agreeing to review any books I don’t want to read. I just can’t find the time for it right now.

That’s it. But man, it’s more than enough, don’t you think? Next week, I’ll review how my resolutions for 2018 worked out.

How about you? What are your writing goals for 2019? Let’s hear them!

5 thoughts on “The New Year’s Resolutions of a Writer #WriterWednesday #WritersLife #NewYearsResolution #AmWriting

  1. Ericajean says:

    I like your goals,! Aim high and you are bound to at least hit high marks in life. My goal is similar. I read plenty, but I may cut back some to finally work on some self published books😀👍

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  2. photojaq says:

    Those are some pretty impressive goals. I know about reviewing books. I love the reading, but I take thought in writing the reviews – it doesn’t happen in five minutes – and I’ll be giving up some of that too. (Sorry, my favorite authors!!)
    But 4 books! Wow. I hope they quadruple you earnings….or even more.

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    • D.E. Haggerty says:

      My problem with reviewing is more about the choice of books I read. I don’t want to feel obligated to read a book. And that’s how I feel when I agree to review something – even if it’s a book I can’t wait to read!


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