Ways to get reviews on Amazon I would have never done in the past but do now #WriterWednesday #MarketingTips #AmWriting

Getting reviews is one of the most harrowing tasks a writer has. It’s a ton of work finding bloggers who might review or finding review services that aren’t a waste of money. It’s a time suck, so why bother? Unfortunately, reviews sell books. As a reader, I totally understand this. If I see a book I’m unsure about and it has only five reviews but has been out for years, I’ll probably give it a pass. And that’s only with regards to the number of reviews, I’m not even touching that minefield of a topic regarding the review score. No thanks.

23 jan 2019

An actual picture of me begging for reviews.

I’ve written a ton of blogs about how to find reviewers, ask for reviews, etc. But with my last book only garnering eighteen reviews, I knew my methods needed some adjustments. I decided to try some tactics I’d heard about but had hesitated to employ because I didn’t want to bug people too much. No one likes to get bugged!



Here are a few ideas that have worked and didn’t seem to cause any backlash:

23 jan 2019.2Ask bloggers to review on Amazon. Unless you’ve been living in a cave (without Wi-Fi!), then you’ve heard about the scandal of Amazon removing bloggers’ reviews. As a result, many bloggers no longer review on Amazon. It’s lovely when bloggers review on their blog and on Goodreads, but – let’s face it – we writers want reviews on Amazon. (Aside: Most of my books are in the Kindle Unlimited program and I, therefore, focus my reviews on Amazon.) In the past, I wouldn’t bother bloggers who didn’t review on Amazon. It’s their choice, after all. But, considering the abysmal number of reviews for Finders, Not Keepers, I decided I needed to do something – anything! I sent an email to bloggers who reviewed my latest book for a book blast and kindly asked them to review on Amazon. I made it clear it was their choice and included a link to the original review as well as to my book on Amazon. This resulted in an additional review from a blogger who doesn’t usually post on Amazon.

Ask newsletter subscribers to review. I don’t know why I’d been reticent about this idea. My newsletter subscribers didn’t subscribe to my newsletter for nothing after all. My request resulted in an additional twenty readers saying they wanted to review my book. I’m hoping to turn these newsletter readers into an ARC review crew.

Follow up on ARCs. This is a tough one. I hate it when writers bombard me with emails: Have you read my book yet? When are you going to post the review? Ugh! Leave me alone already! I realized, however, I did need to do some type of follow-up on the advance reader copies I’d sent out. As a reader myself, I often forget about the ARCs on my kindle. *hangs head in shame* I decided to send a general email telling readers the book was now live and I’d appreciate it if they’d post a review. That’s it.

What are different ways you have found which results in more reviews on Amazon? Share your ideas in the comments so I can steal them <insert evil laugh here>.


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  1. Azaaa Davis says:

    It seems like follow up is key if authors want to see reviews on a particular sight. I have reviews across multiple websites, but I’d like more on Amazon. I’m now considering asking reviewers that posted on other site if they’s mind reposting their review elsewhere. Thanks!

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