January recap #MondayBlogs #NewYearsResolutions

new year resolutions 2019.5

The first month of 2019 flew by! I made a lot of lofty resolutions for 2019. Friends, in fact, pointed out I may have gone too far. *Rolls eyes* I’m more of the mindset of ‘nooit geschoten is altijd mis’, which basically means if you don’t shoot, you’ll always miss. One of the ways I hope to achieve my goals this year is to hold myself accountable on a monthly basis. So, here we go.

Goal: Publish four books

Status: One down, three to go

pnpff (2)I published Picture Not Perfect January 20th and I’ve written over 35,000 words in the third novel of the Not So Reluctant Detective series. I plan  to publish the novel in April. *Fingers crossed* I’ve also started outlining a romantic comedy and a new mystery series. I’m mostly on track with this goal.


new year resolutions 2019.3Goal: Quintuple Revenue

Status: On track

January’s revenue increased 63% as opposed to December 2018. If this trend continues, I should meet my target within eight months. My husband told me to not count my eggs before they hatch (or a Dutch equivalent to this).

Goal: Give up Readsalot blog

Status: Done

I’ve archived the blog and unsubscribed from a gazillion blog tour company newsletters. I did accept one book for review, but this is a book I would have read anyway.

Goal: Lose Weight

Status: On target

new year resolutions 2019.4I lost 3.7 kilograms (just over 8 pounds) in January. This is slightly ahead of my goal. I hope to lose 10 kilograms (22 pounds) by mid-April when the benefit event I’m working on takes place.


Goal: Be Healthy

Status: Ugh!

This goal has to do with catching up with all those things we need to do to keep ourselves healthy – certain check-ups and the like. So far, I’m a total failure!

Goal: Reduce Volunteer Commitments

Status: Not Bad

I recently turned down a volunteer position I really, really wanted. I knew I couldn’t take the position and continue to meet my writing goals. My writing goals need to take priority if I am going to make a living as a writer, which is my ultimate goal.

Goal: Resolve Germany

Status: Unresolved

January is not the best month to handle selling a house and/or business. I have, however, staged the owner’s apartment portion of the house. I hope this helps to convince potential buyers of the potential in the house.

How about you? How are you 2019 goals going thus far?