My week in reading #MondayBlogs #AmReading #Bookreview

asymmetryI had planned on reviewing Asymmetry from Lisa Halliday today, but I simply can’t. I have no idea what the book was supposed to be about. I have no idea how this book supposedly all came together in the end. Really? And how did the whole middle part about the man stuck at a London airport connect with the rest of the story? I’m obviously not intelligent enough to get this book.

So, instead of reviewing Asymmetry, I thought I’d do some short book reviews of the books I’ve read this week. I read a bit less than normal last week as I was in Spain until Tuesday night. Wednesday night I ended up filling in for someone in the tennis competition. I did not expect to get home after midnight! Thursday night I may have had an evening out with entirely too much drinking (I seriously can’t help it when they keep pouring me the good stuff!). Of course, Saturday was spent driving to and fro Germany. So, yeah, not a whole lot time to read.

the fearless kingThe Fearless King by Katee Robert. I was lucky enough to snag this one from NetGalley a while ago. Unfortunately, I started reading it a dozen times. Only when I forced myself to read thirty minutes straight did I start to feel involved in the story. I didn’t love it, though. There was entirely too much introspection. Ugh! Brooding, brooding, brooding. The dialogue was also very strange. It felt like there were sentences missing. The characters kept making inferences that didn’t make sense and just caused trouble. I also didn’t find the story line believable. People can be cruel, yes, but this went way beyond that. I still consider Robert one of my go-to writers. This book just fell short.

her cherryHer Cherry by Penelope Bloom. I loved William in Her Bush, so I wanted to read his love story. Unfortunately, although I loved William in Her Bush, I found him over the top in Her Cherry. If I were Hailey, I’d have run in the other direction. I also found the jokes about ‘cherry’ got a bit redundant.

her bushHer Bush by Penelope Bloom. This was my first novel from this writer. It made my laugh out loud and forget my troubles for a while. Exactly what I look for in a romantic comedy. Of course, the instalove and jokes about ‘her bush’ were a bit overdone, but I don’t mind that sort of thing in a quick romcom read.

downfallDownfall by Jay Crownover. I read this novel on the flight home from Spain. I hate to say it but I would not have finished this book had it not been free and I was not stuck on a plane without any other reading material. (Note to self: Make sure to download books on kindle before trip in case the hotel’s WiFi is out). Nothing felt believable about this story. The reason Orley ran away was frankly a bit disappointing. I was expecting some big reveal. And there was a big reveal, it was just more of a ‘ah okay’ reveal.

What have you been reading? Anything good? Please share.