Should I price my pre-release/new release at 99 cents? #authortoolboxhop #writerwednesday #writertips #writerslife

question-2736480_1920Deciding how to price an ebook (or book for that matter) is one of the most difficult decisions an author has to make. I won’t get into that today. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on your pre-release/new release price. Specifically, is pricing a pre-release/new release at a bargain price of 99 cents worth it? In my opinion, no. Here’s why.

In the first place, giving a pre-release a bargain price will lead to more pre-order sales. In my case, I usually have around 100 pre-orders with little to no marketing (newsletter only). But with my upcoming release, About Face, which is priced at 2.99, I only have about 40 pre-orders – and that’s with quite a bit of marketing.

Another advantage of pricing your pre-order at 99 cents is the ability to place the book in newsletter advertisements. Many of the bigger name newsletters, such as Ereader news, Book Gorilla, Bargain Booksy, etc., will only accept books if they are on sale. And that on sale price often has to be below $2.99.

Using the above tactics, I’ve been able to get my new releases into the top 100 of my category.

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Considering these advantages, why in the world am I advocating to NOT price your ebook at 99 cents? It’s all about the money, money, money. That’s right. Money. On Amazon, which is where I get almost all of my sales, a 99 cent sale will only net me around 35 cents. Despite my sales spiking on release day and for a few days after, I have never been able to recover the money I spent on newsletter advertisements with sales.

So, this time around, I’m pricing my new release at $2.99. I’ll let you know how it works out.


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7 thoughts on “Should I price my pre-release/new release at 99 cents? #authortoolboxhop #writerwednesday #writertips #writerslife

  1. Louise Brady, Author says:

    I didn’t realise authors got so little from a 99 cents sale! Can’t wait to hear how the 2.99 pricing works out 🙂

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  2. joab4424 says:

    I originally thought a lower price would be best because it would increase sales. While having lots of readers is important, making money is more important. So now I’m thinking $2.99 is better. Hope it works out for you.

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