Should you respond to Facebook ad comments/questions? If so, how? #WriterWednesday #AuthorMarketing #AmWriting

If it’s been said once, it’s been said a thousand times – don’t respond to comments from readers. But wait! What about nice stuff? Or genuine questions? Shouldn’t writers respond to those? I say yes, yes they should. In particular, I’m talking about responses to Facebook ads. It’s important to respond to readers and create a dialogue with them. Who knows? Maybe one question will lead to a super fan? And what writer doesn’t want or need more super fans?

Here are some ways to respond to Facebook ads.

Invite to like page. Inviting someone who likes your ad to like your Facebook page is a super easy way to grow your following. Sure, Facebook makes you now pay to reach that following, but you can also use your following for targeting ads. It’s super simple. Just click on the thumbs-up under the ad and you’ll get a dropdown of all those who have liked your ad. On the right-hand side of each name is an invite button. Click it and let the magic begin.

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Requests for information. Respond to all requests for information. Some requests will be completely silly. What’s the name of the book is one. Doesn’t matter. Respond as quickly and professionally as possible. You are building a connection with a reader. In my experience, readers are quicker to read your book if there’s some type of personal connection involved.

Deleting or hiding comments negative comments. Before I get into how to respond to these comments, let me explain the difference between deleting and hiding comments. Hiding the comment will ‘hide’ it from everyone except the commentator and their friends. They won’t know it’s hidden. Deleting a comment will completely erase it. No one will be able to see it.

I’ve chosen to hide comments instead of delete them. Initially, I deleted a few comments and sure enough, the person came back and made the same comment again. Ugh! People can be nasty. Now, I hide comments and the commentator is none the wiser.

But when do you hide comments? This is the hard stuff. What to do with negative comments. Some negative comments are easy to deal with. For example, one of my books is a historical fiction and features a German boy and Jewish girl. Unfortunately, I sometimes get negative comments about this relationship. This is an easy one to deal with. I hide the comment.

But what about negative comments that are ‘justified’? For example, I use a picture of a man and a woman saying a heartfelt goodbye at a train station for one of my ads. The goodbye is supposed to be in Germany, but the train is – or at least according to several readers – British. Initially, I didn’t want to delete the comment. The person had the right to point this out and they weren’t wrong. But I noticed the ad, which had been performing very well, stopped performing. Lesson learned. And, technically, what type of train was in the picture had absolutely nothing to do with my book (the goodbye happens on the street with a moving van).

How to hide a comment – Just click on the three dots after the comment and a pop-up will ask if you want to delete, hide or report the comment. Easy peasy.

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How do you deal with comments on your Facebook ad? Do you agree with hiding negative remarks?

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  1. Brigitte Kirady says:

    I’m not quite at that stage yet, but this post brought up some good points and I’ll be bookmarking this page for when I’m ready. I really hadn’t thought about what do with nasty comments, specifically. I know deleting them can backfire, but I love the idea of hiding them. Thanks for the tips!

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