Why I’m not adjusting my release schedule for the pandemic #WriterWednesday #AmWriting #WritingInAPandemic #Coronavirus

planner-3820633_1920Totally honest. I’m not sure how I’m going to adjust to the world when this whole Corona virus crisis over. In addition to writing like a demon, I’m enjoying the stress-free life and the lack of social anxiety. (Not to say I don’t have anxiety. I have a shit ton of anxiety. But, as long as I stay inside, it’s manageable.) Why – if I’m enjoying this much productivity – am I not adjusting my release schedule for this year?

There are two main reasons I’m not adjusting my schedule:

  1. Things can always change. In the first week of the stay at home order, writing was a chore. Not a fun chore like taking the dog for a walk. Nope. Writing was like pulling out teeth. I couldn’t stop myself from checking the news every five minutes. So. Much. News. You can get used to anything, though, and I’ve gotten used to living in crisis. But there’s no guarantee I will stay a-okay. In case my mental health changes, I’m keeping my current schedule. If I adjust it to add another book (sounds crazy but at the current writing speed it would be possible) and things change, it will merely cause stress. Now, everything extra I manage to write is a win.
  2. The dreaded long-term to-do list. List most people I have a to-do list which is for ‘when I have more time’. And like most people, I haven’t touched this list in over a year. But now I find myself a month ahead of my writing schedule. I won’t spend the entire month working on these tasks (see point #1 above), but I do have two weeks scheduled for only working on this list. I’ll be editing two of my earlier published novels. Between the lock-down and editing, I expect to be stark-raving mad by mid-May. Yet another reason not to adjust my release schedule.

What about you? Have you adjusted your release schedule for the pandemic? If so, how?


One thought on “Why I’m not adjusting my release schedule for the pandemic #WriterWednesday #AmWriting #WritingInAPandemic #Coronavirus

  1. robertawrites235681907 says:

    Everything in my life is currently the same except I am working from home and supervising my sons home schooling. I have some anxiety but, as coronavirus is not bad here in South Africa, it revolves more around the economy and its crashing and whether there will be any businesses left at the end of this.

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