Why I chose to get married on July 4th! #characterguestpost #cozymystery #deathbycupcake

In this post Anna of the Death by Cupcake series tells us why she chose July 4th as her wedding date. Take it away, Anna!


Thanks, Dena!


The Fourth of July doesn’t scream wedding date, but it’s the date I chose to get married anyway. My friends – I’m looking at you Callie – think I chose July 4th to have an excuse to dye my hair red, white, and blue. While it is true I will dye my hair red, white, and blue for the occasion, my hair is not the reason I decided to get married on Independence Day.

When my fiancé Logan proposed on Valentine’s Day, I wasted no time in starting my search for an available venue this summer. I can not wait to become Mrs. Allen. I quickly learned other women plan their weddings years in advance. Which means it was almost impossible to find a venue for the summer in February. That’s when I hit upon a genius plan – get married on July 4th!

Not only does the Fourth of July fall on a Saturday this year, but there were several venues available on the date. Apparently other brides did not want to get married on Independence Day. Once I warmed to the idea, I realized how utterly brilliant it is! Not only did I get to start my wedding off with a bang – literally! – but most businesses are closed, leaving no one with an excuse not to attend my wedding!

But now we have a big problem. Huge problem! My fiancé Logan is under suspicion for murder. He’s even been put in jail. And it’s only two weeks until the wedding. Can you say yikes? Good thing the gals of Callie’s Cakes have experience in investigating murders. We’ve got two weeks to find the real murderer, because my wedding is not going to be ruined – no matter what!


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