Fireworks, Murder & Cupcakes! Monthly writing update #amwriting #Mondayblogs

Let’s start this month off with a bang!

red velvet 4th of july cupcake

I haven’t been doing as much baking during the pandemic as I’d like because no one in my house – except me – eats sweets. I’m not sure I would have married my husband of twenty-four years had I known this little factoid in advance. Seriously, who doesn’t love cupcakes? But with the Fourth of July coming up, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to work on one of Anna’s cupcakes from Fireworks, A Firecracker & Foul Play. I was a bit of a cheater as I used a cake mix to help with the cupcakes, but believe it or not, it was easier to find red velvet cake mix than red food coloring in Holland. At least that’s the story I’m sticking with. It has nothing to do with the red dye disaster of 2020. Nothing at all. I always wanted to pink baking stuff. Really. See the recipe below.


In writing news, I have an exciting announcement. I have decided to write another story in the Fat Girl Begone! world. This will be Blaze’s love story and it will be totally, completely FREE for newsletter subscribers (go here to subscribe). The story is up next in my writing roster. I hope to have it to you mid-August. I finished the first draft of A Hero for Hailey yesterday. As soon as it’s off to the editor, I’ll get to work on Blaze’s story.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Keep reading.


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