A Fox for Faith

Book 4 of the Love will OUT Series

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Single Mom barely holding onto her sanity vs. Silver Fox convinced he’s found love. Let the games begin…

My boss looks at me like I’m a lollipop he can’t wait to lick. He can keep waiting. I haven’t got time to wash my hair, let alone take care of a man. Another man I should say. Being a single mom to a teenage boy on a crusade to save the world is a full-time job. Add my actual full-time job times two and I’ve forgotten the definition of free time.

But Max isn’t taking no for an answer. He says he’s waited long enough to find love. And he’s done waiting. Gulp. He claims he’s going to solve all problems and prove he’s the man for me. Trouble – party of one.

But maybe like Max always says Love will OUT.

We’ll see about that.

This single mom romantic comedy features a single mom trying to protect her crusader son from the consequences of his actions, a silver fox convinced it’s his turn for love, a daughter and her friends who aren’t above playing matchmaker, and a makeshift family of former Army buddies who think telling dirty jokes is a sign of love.

A Fox for Faith is book 4 of the Love will OUT series but can be read as a standalone.