Dutch Engineered

Book 0.5 of the Love in the Lowlands Series

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“How do you like your coffee?”

Nice and strong and preferably served by you while you’re shirtless after a night of wild, monkey sex. Of course, I don’t actually say those words. I think them, though. And now I need to fan myself.

The last thing I expect when I take a job in Holland is to run into Jasper. And I do mean ‘run into’ as in run smack dab into the delicious specimen of Dutch manhood. I take one look at him and decide he’s mine. Not mine as in forever. I don’t do forever. Trust me. I know better. But mine for a roll in the hay? Where do I sign up?

Except things don’t go exactly as I planned. My sexy times with Jasper end up with some not so sexy consequences. Yikes. How am I going to handle a baby when I’ve never even been in a relationship before?

I’m an engineer. I should be able to skillfully arrange my way out of this situation. But it looks like Jasper is the one who’s engineered me right to where he wants me. Gulp.

This romantic comedy features an engineering prodigy who is ada-freaking-mant she is not having a permanent relationship with a man even if she is carrying his baby and a nerdy Dutchman who is just as determined to change her mind.