Dutch Online

Book 5 of the Love in the Lowlands Series



A prank gone wrong …

A case of mistaken identity …

Is this love story doomed before it can begin?

I messed up.

I accidentally told my parents I found love. Don’t judge. You deal with your mom constantly setting you up with models who want to use you for your connections and see how you respond.

Now my parents can’t wait to meet the man. Neither can I.

Internet dating to the rescue. But when my first date turns out to be Mr. Married Farter, I’m done.

Before I can tell my parents I’m a big fat liar I connect with Rafael, a Dutch guy from Amsterdam. And guess who happens to have the opportunity to live in Holland for six months? Things are suddenly looking up.

Except when I arrive in Amsterdam, Rafael isn’t the nice, dependable man I thought he was. He’s a mischief-maker who needs to grow up already.

But what if the immature prankster isn’t who he seems? What if Rafael is the nice, dependable man I thought he was? Should I give him another chance?

Is it possible I can find Dutch love Online?

This romantic comedy features a woman who protects her heart with a heavy dose of cynicism, a man doing his damndest to save his sister, and a whole passel of friends determined to push the two of them together no matter the subterfuge necessary.

Each book in the Love in the Lowlands romantic comedy series can be read as a standalone.