Finders, Not Keepers

Book 1 of The Not So Reluctant Detective Series



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~ Blurb ~

What do you do with a diamond no one wants? You can’t keep it. Or can you?

While cleaning her ex-husband’s effects out of the attic, Terri finds an exquisite diamond pendant necklace. She’s determined to return the necklace to its proper owner, but the owner was brutally killed, a murder which remains unsolved, and her heirs want nothing to do with the diamond. Terri embarks upon a journey researching charities to which she can donate the diamond. When her research becomes dangerous, Terri contemplates solving the murder herself. Her best friend, Melanie, jumps feet first into investigating the murder, but her neighbor, Ryder, doesn’t want Terri exposed to any danger. Ryder, to Terri’s surprise, also wants to be more than neighbors with Terri. Luckily, he’s prepared to take any measure necessary to keep her safe because someone is determined to stop her inquiries.

Join Terri on her quest to find a home for the diamond, which may result in the unveiling of a murderer – if she survives long enough.

~ What Readers are Saying ~

Oh what an exciting and thrilling story this has been! Terri is an awesome, albeit, reluctant investigator and I love her!

Claire – The Coffeeholic Bookworm

This delightful and adorable cozy mystery contains all I hope to encounter whenever I start a new cozy: warmth, good feelings, characters who readily elicit all my empathy, an involving plot with suspense, and of course, amateur sleuths.

Autumn Is Azathoth

This was a cute book to read, a combination of chick-lit and cozy, perfect for the Saturday afternoon.


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