Hands Off

Book 3 of the Love in the Suburbs Series





I am done with men. D – O – N – E. DONE!

I don’t care how much billionaire Roman Cadwell pushes (and, oh boy, does the sexy man push ALL my buttons), I am not dating him. Especially not when he’s wearing a golden band around his ring finger. I do not get involved with married men. Call it my line in the sand. If a man can’t be faithful, I want not one single thing to do with him.

But what if Roman isn’t really married? What then? No, no, no. I will not fall into Lying McLiarson’s trap.

Only every time the man touches me, my body forgets I’m a good girl and wants to give in. Hands off, Mr. Lying Pants, before I forget I’m a good girl.

Although – no one said I had to be a good girl forever.

Author’s Note: This romantic comedy contains absolutely, positively NO cheating. None. But it does have a whole bunch of witty dialogue and a super sweet happily ever after. And maybe more drama than the author originally intended. What can she say? The characters have minds of their own.

Hands Off is book 3 of the Love in the Suburbs series but can be read as a standalone.

~ What readers are saying ~

“if you like swoony alpha’s, strong heroines and a romantic comedy, then this is the book you are waiting for.”

“If you love Grandma Mazur in Janet Evanovich’s series, you will be smitten with the matriarch in this family!”
“Captivating read from the start with many a rollercoaster of plot twists. This love story will leave you a little bit in the love with Roman and itching to find out what the story is with Violet and Luke.”
“This book had me laughing from start to finish. “
“I love this fun series!”
“full of fun and laughs”
“This will have you laughing all the way through it.”