Not A Player

A novella set in The Billionaire Option world

Not a Player Cover

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She doesn’t want a man. Even if she did, she certainly wouldn’t choose the player every woman in the city has taken for a test drive.

Blaze is not a permanent resident of Single Town. She’s not! She’s merely extremely selective with the men she brings into her life. She’s got her reasons. And they’re good ones.

Gabe is most definitely a player. He’s never been slipped a phone number he didn’t use. Blaze wants nothing to do with him. Who cares if her breath hitches every time he touches her?

But what if Gabe is not a player. What if he’s given up his playboy ways? Will Blaze give him a chance then?

This story features one of the side characters of The Billionaire Option. But no worries. It’s a standalone story. Although you may find yourself wishing to read Everly’s love story after finishing Not a Player. *winks*