Author Promotions and Review Requests

UPDATE ~ I’m currently taking a break from Readsalot to concentrate on my writing. I’ll let you know when I’m accepting requests again.


I’m a HUGE believer in giving back. If you are a self-published author, I’m happy to feature you on my Readsalot blog. I can do a spotlight post, host your guest post, or do an author interview. Give me a shout and we’ll talk. I don’t review audio books, but I’m more than happy to help you promote your work with an author spotlight or interview.

Review Requests

I accept review requests in all genres but my favorite genres to review are fantasy, murder/mystery, (romantic) suspense, thrillers, and chick lit. I read a lot of romance as well, but I’m a bit picky about what I read as I feel that romance books tend to use the same formula over and over again. That said – I am always willing to try new things! I prefer eBooks as I’m addicted to my Kindle but paper copies are fine as well. Just keep in mind that I’m in the Netherlands and it might take a while for me to receive the book if you are far away from me.

I’ve discovered that between writing and marketing, I can only take a limited number of books for review per month, which means that I’ve become a bit picky about which books I’ll accept for review. After you request a review, I’ll email you to let you know if I’m interested. In that case, I’ll ask you to send me a copy of the book. Please don’t send me your book before I’ve accepted it for review. I like to think that I’m honest but fair. I’m critiquing the book – not you as a person (I’m sure you’re super nice and wouldn’t ever send me hate mail). Once I finish the review, I’ll post it on my blog as well as Goodreads and Amazon. If you want it posted somewhere else, just let me know but keep in mind that Barnes & Nobles doesn’t like me. I swear I didn’t do anything.  

I use a 5 star review system.

***** Book was AWESOME. I recommend that you stop whatever you’re doing right now and cancel all your social arrangements so you can read it.

**** I really enjoyed reading this book and would totally recommend it to friends.

*** I liked the book but there were some issues with it.

**  or * If I am 1/3 or so into the book and think I will only be able to give 1 or 2 stars, I will write you and let you know. I prefer not to give out 1 or 2 stars. I’ll provide you with my thoughts about the book so far, but usually I won’t read any further.

Contact Me

Send review requests to Dena at Remember – a well-thought out email will increase your chance of review. (Not sure how to do that? Read my blog posts here and here.) Don’t forget to send me a synopsis of the book. Like most bloggers, I don’t have time to research your book. Please note – I delete all review requests which are not personally addressed to me.  


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