Unforeseen Consequences

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Four very different women forged an unlikely friendship while in Basic Training. They thought their friendship was unbreakable but then they discovered a heinous crime was about to be committed. They were compelled to take action but a tragedy occurred nonetheless and thus they are forced to keep their actions a secret. These actions and the secret they must keep destroyed their friendship and so they fled.

Years have passed and the women are surviving but not living. Now the truth is about to come out. What do they do? Do they confess their part and risk jail? Or do they keep quiet and try to keep living with the guilt? Will they rebuild their friendship or will they flee again?

~ What Readers Are Saying ~

Great read about what we normally don’t see or hear about, the military life of women. What made this story real to me was that I am certain this could be a true story for someone or something that has happened.

~ Amazon Reviewer

The story line was very insightful. The reader was pulled along as you were taken back and forth in time. Great ending.

~ Amazon Reviewer

A good yarn obviously based on personal experiences of the author which gets off to a hesitant start but develops a distinctive style. The experiences of the girls undertaking the training were most convincing and the first-hand knowledge of the author is evident from the detail.

~ Goodreads Reviewer

 ~ Book group discussion guide ~

1. Each of the four characters uses a different coping mechanism to deal with keeping the secret. Describe each coping mechanism. Which coping mechanism do you find most believable? Is there a coping mechanism that you don’t find believable?

2. Do you empathize with the characters? Did they make the right decision to keep their actions a secret?

3. Did you find the description of basic training realistic? Do you think you could handle basic training?

4. What is the book about? Is it about the secret or something else?

5. Do you think the book has elements of an autobiography?

6. How did the book effect you? Did it change your opinion of women in the military in any manner?