What’s next?

Hands OffBook 3 of the Love in the Suburbs series, is all wrapped up and available for pre-order.  Pre-order for just 99 cents and the book will magically appear on your kindle on March 20th. How cool is that! So, what’s next? Good question!

One more book in the Love in the Suburbs series! Yeah! I’m enjoying writing this series (just don’t ask me about the editing). Fans of the series will be excited about Book 4, because Luke is finally getting his story!

But that’s not all folks! Not nearly all!

I’m also planning several novellas in the Death by Cupcake series. First up is a Fourth of July story, which should release sometime in May. I’m also planning a Halloween book and Valentine’s story. I just love the girls of Callie’s Cakes and can’t get enough of them.

Surely, that’s all you have on your plate Dena? Nope. I’ve gone completely nuts because there’s more!

I’m also planning a romantic suspense series. I plan to publish at least the first book in 2020. Books 2 and 3 will be for 2021. I’m still wrestling about this series. Will it be funny? Will it be mysterious? Will it be romantic? Will it be suspenseful? It couldn’t possibly be all four, could it? That’s what I’m hoping for. Fingers crossed.

2020 is going to be busy!