What’s next?

The third and final book in the Death by Cupcake series, Self-Server Murder, is arriving on bookshelves on December 5th. *Takes a moment to jump up and down in excitement* But that means I can start working on my next project – another romantic comedy. I’m excited to get going on this one since Molly’s Misadventures was such a blast to write. I’m actually so excited that I was working on a synopsis for the new book today instead of working on all that pesky promotion stuff I need to be doing. Curious? This is my draft synopsis:

Losing weight is hard. Like rolling that same boulder up a mountain over and over again-hard. Add losing the love of my life and a job I thought I loved into the mix and I’m a big hot mess. At least I have a super H-A-W-T trainer to stare at. And a new bestie in whom to confide. Maybe things are looking up after all.