What’s next?

I’m nearly finished with Book 2 of the Not So Reluctant Detective Series. I’ve set a deadline for myself to finish before Thanksgiving. I’ve even booked the editor. Yikes! I’m planning to release the book some time in January 2019. The Not So Reluctant Detective Series will consist of three novels. I’m sprinkling clues for the third novel in Book 2. Can you guess who will star in Book 3?

What’s next? I have an idea for an historical mystery floating around in my head, but that may have to wait because I have another idea for a mystery series in there somewhere as well. I can practically see the heroine of the mystery series already. This series will not be a cozy series because my girl has a bit of a problem with a potty mouth. I can’t wait to see what she’ll get up to! I’m currently planning a series of three books for her. I’m not yet sure if she will find love as well. I’ll keep you posted …